double trouble


no no no not stevie ray vaughn’s band. the other kind. yep the twin kind. you heard me the identical twin kind. the ind that look exactly alike and are to be born to my wife in october some time. that kind of double trouble.

did i mention we have three other troubles running around at home.  i guess that’s what God gives you after you say you want four kiddos, God laughs and sez “how bout 5?”

looks like they will be boys as well. 4 boys and a girl. she will never date. not that i’m complaining.

so we are going to be a house full of trouble. a house mind you that we initially said that we would have to move out of once we have 2 kids. how about 5. is that enough. wifey and i think so – but the market won’t let us. 3 houses on our street are for sale not to mention the surrounding neighborhoods.  looks like we will be here a few more years. the best laid plans and all that.

no really we are excited……really!


i do not like all of the ads on sites.

is it just me?

they get into the way of the page flow, they interrupt what you are trying to do, they distract you.

i know that is what they are supposed to do but man oh man do they piss me off.

i know sites have to make money, and banners are a way to do it.

it just bugs me.

call me shallow.

i calls them as i sees them.

of course i know the lack of capitol letters bug people as well, so go figure.

it is much the same as commercials on tv, at least when those come on you can go get a drink or something.

there should just be a sponsor page with all the blinking, scrolling banners you want.

but hey what do i know.

i think i’ll go grab a coffee.


after a 3 day weekend one might think that one would be well rested.

one would be wrong.


good thing


it’s a good thing there isn’t a jackhammer working right outside my window.

it’s a good thing he hasn’t been at it since 8:00 this morning.

it’s a good thing i don’t need to concentrate.

it’s a good thing that we are out of coffee.



a funny thing happened at work on monday.  a hard drive failed in one of my machines. odd, it is a dell optiplex 745 running xp pro, we purchased it maybe 6 months ago.  anyway after determining that i was indeed dead i contacted dell through the online chat.  15 minutes later i had a new hard drive being shipped.

on a side note dell’s service was quite good. i told the rep what i had done to determine that the drive was indeed dead, swap cables, swap drives, swap machines same result dead drive.  the tech said yep sounds that way to me, got some info and pow the drive was at my office the next day.

so i went about re-installing everything on a fresh drive.  i took a while but after i was done with the install and updates i rebooted the machine and almost fell over at how fast it booted up.  wow.  i guess the crap they load on it at the factory really slows it down.  i think i just may do that with all new machines from now on.  that may help.



back in black


well i pulled out the ‘ol ac/dc cds.  still like listening to them 25+ years later.  just good old straight ahead rock-n-roll.  they will never amaze you with their song writing or music ability but there is still something to be dais for the thumping bass line and wailing guitar of angus.

takes me back to high school and college days.

boy i’m old.



guitar lessons


well if you must know i am trying to learn guitar.  trying being the operative word here.  i’m not all that good.  still learning chords, strumming etc.  my friend dennis loaned me one of his guitars, and another friend robbie is giving me some guidance/lessons.  seems to be going well, u just need to practice more.  i really am enjoying this though.  i wonder why i never thought about learning sooner.  i always figured i learn the drums, huh who knew.