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i am still learning css.  i am getting better but i am still learning. i was just wondering what do other designers/developers use to code? i use notepad right now.  i know it is not the best but it gets the job done, it is fast and it is free, well as free as buying […]

the webpage design for my day job. i am pretty happy with the way it looks. pretty basic but functional and easy to use. i have a bit more work to do but the majority of design is now done. not bad if i do say so myself. even the wife thought it looked,in her […]

that i need more of.  i am frustrated right now.  currently, i am working on the web site for my day job.  i have re-worked the site a bunch of times.  after each iteration i step back and look at the new design.  “wow”, i think to myself, “not to bad”.  then i go off […]

making progress


well i am getting an idea of what my work (insert company name here) will look like. i have tweaked the design, once again, but i feel that this one is the one i will stick with. now i just have to get the specifics down and it will be ready to go. i am […]

back on track


ok after the past week i need to get back on track.  i have not done anything really in a few days.  i know i have a good excuse but i want to get this moving so back to work.  i’m such a slave driver. i am going to work on the site. i […]

long week


well it is now safe to say that it has been a long week.  last friday, that would be august 17th, we got a call early in the morning.  we found out that michelle’s grandmother had passed away.  not that it was unexpected, but still sad.  her health had been failing for some time and […]

well it’s up

16Aug07 is up. not that it is running or anything. i still have to finish designing it. i am getting there slowly.  i have several project running and with a full time job a wife and three kids there is not always time to do said tasks. thankfully the wife is accepting of my new […]