double trouble


no no no not stevie ray vaughn’s band. the other kind. yep the twin kind. you heard me the identical twin kind. the ind that look exactly alike and are to be born to my wife in october some time. that kind of double trouble.

did i mention we have three other troubles running around at home.  i guess that’s what God gives you after you say you want four kiddos, God laughs and sez “how bout 5?”

looks like they will be boys as well. 4 boys and a girl. she will never date. not that i’m complaining.

so we are going to be a house full of trouble. a house mind you that we initially said that we would have to move out of once we have 2 kids. how about 5. is that enough. wifey and i think so – but the market won’t let us. 3 houses on our street are for sale not to mention the surrounding neighborhoods.  looks like we will be here a few more years. the best laid plans and all that.

no really we are excited……really!


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