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css validation


well i just submitted a style sheet for validation with the w3c validation. it came back with eight errors, all of them using the same color. which is easily fixed. i am happy that i am writing half decent style sheets. i am still not sure if this is a real css requirement. do developers […]

slow going


well it seems that i am not making as much progress as i would like as of late.  i’m just not happy with the look of the r.o.c.k. page.  i think i have a workable layout, it is just that the logo keeps getting in my way.  the logo just does not play nice with […]

i am still learning css.  i am getting better but i am still learning. i was just wondering what do other designers/developers use to code? i use notepad right now.  i know it is not the best but it gets the job done, it is fast and it is free, well as free as buying […]

making progress


well i am getting an idea of what my work (insert company name here) will look like. i have tweaked the design, once again, but i feel that this one is the one i will stick with. now i just have to get the specifics down and it will be ready to go. i am […]

yesterday i took the day off from work.  the old back needed some rest. it was actually a pseudo-productive day. mostly in part to my lovely wife letting me sit on the couch all day with the laptop getting some work done. once again a lot of reading and designing of our celiac support group […]

whilst i gazed out my window. i was in the midst of re-designing my company’s site.  i decided that the logo we have and the colors we use need to be updated to this millennia. so i found a font and a color palette. i colored the name added the text and put it up […]

redesign part 5


so here i am at work.  pounding out another redesign of my companies website.  i have the colors down, which is good. i am not going to include my companies logo though.  the logo looks good on paper but on a web-page, well not so much, no. so i am going to just use a […]