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part 1 done


i have successfully installed wordpress on my site. now i have officially move my blog over there.  keep in mind that the formatting is still the basic wordpress theme.  i want to design my own theme. since i am a freelance web designer i should be able to handle a wordpress theme.  so off i […]

ok now that the world series is over it’s back to work!  tonight the rocknh site will be updated.  the bulletin board will still be there just in the background.  this will provide us with a bit more control and an easier way to get current news to our user base. then my site is […]

ok i have what my brother penned a baseball hangover this morning. not that i had a single drink – just the late night and high emotion. nothing like coming back from a 3-1 series to win it. now on to the world series. i fear another week or so of late nights and tough […]

nod of approval


well i showed the redesigned web site to the bossman’s wife, and she liked it.  now this may not sound like a big deal but she is president of one of our two businesses so she does have some say!  she really liked it and wants me to show it to the bossman.  so i […]

getting there


well i spent a few hours tonight porting data from the bulletin board site to the new r.o.c.k. site. it is a slow process but i feel that it is worth the effort. i can format the entries better and have a little better control over what gets posted. the bulletin board is getting hit […]

logo progress


well not with my logo, that’s still in the works. side note: does it take a long time for most developers/designers to come up with a logo that works? i keep fiddling with the design and i am still not terribly happy with the results. i think i’ll post some of my ideas and get […]

moving along


well it seems that yesterday was a productive day. i made some headway on the rock nh website as well as the one for my day gig. things have been moving slowly as of late due to some sick children and dead tired parents, but i am still here and ready to continue my quest […]