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double trouble


no no no not stevie ray vaughn’s band. the other kind. yep the twin kind. you heard me the identical twin kind. the ind that look exactly alike and are to be born to my wife in october some time. that kind of double trouble. did i mention we have three other troubles running around […]

after a 3 day weekend one might think that one would be well rested. one would be wrong. .mike

a funny thing happened at work on monday.  a hard drive failed in one of my machines. odd, it is a dell optiplex 745 running xp pro, we purchased it maybe 6 months ago.  anyway after determining that i was indeed dead i contacted dell through the online chat.  15 minutes later i had a […]

back in black


well i pulled out the ‘ol ac/dc cds.  still like listening to them 25+ years later.  just good old straight ahead rock-n-roll.  they will never amaze you with their song writing or music ability but there is still something to be dais for the thumping bass line and wailing guitar of angus. takes me back […]

i was walking through an un-named big box store that i swore i would never go into again. in my defense i was looking for a dvd player for my brother who is living in ireland. another story for another time. anyway i had all 3 kiddos with me. we walked into the “high end” […]

well things have changed.  i still have my other blog about going freelance over here so i figured i would use this blog to put down all of my other random thoughts. which can be quite random i can tell you. like right now i am thinking that i would like some more coffee. […]

ok i have what my brother penned a baseball hangover this morning. not that i had a single drink – just the late night and high emotion. nothing like coming back from a 3-1 series to win it. now on to the world series. i fear another week or so of late nights and tough […]