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good thing


it’s a good thing there isn’t a jackhammer working right outside my window. it’s a good thing he hasn’t been at it since 8:00 this morning. it’s a good thing i don’t need to concentrate. it’s a good thing that we are out of coffee. really. .mike

long week


well it is now safe to say that it has been a long week.  last friday, that would be august 17th, we got a call early in the morning.  we found out that michelle’s grandmother had passed away.  not that it was unexpected, but still sad.  her health had been failing for some time and […]

well here it is blog atempt v3.whoknows. i have tried this several times and it has never really stuck. (blogging that is) at least not by myself. michelle (my lovely and gracious wife) has a blog about our family life,  she’s good about it, i on the other hand am not.  so this is […]