i was walking through an un-named big box store that i swore i would never go into again. in my defense i was looking for a dvd player for my brother who is living in ireland. another story for another time. anyway i had all 3 kiddos with me. we walked into the “high end” stereo room. laughable i know. anyway my oldest son who is 5 stopped and listened to the music playing, some mozart if memory serves me correctly. and he said “i like this room”. i looked down at him, patted him on his head and said “save your money”


well things have changed.  i still have my other blog about going freelance over here http://www.mikeostudio.com/blog. so i figured i would use this blog to put down all of my other random thoughts. which can be quite random i can tell you.

like right now i am thinking that i would like some more coffee.

i would like to move this blog over to it’s own domain. but until i can afford that i’ll keep it here for now.  hey free is free.



part 1 done


i have successfully installed wordpress on my site. now i have officially move my blog over there.  keep in mind that the formatting is still the basic wordpress theme.  i want to design my own theme. since i am a freelance web designer i should be able to handle a wordpress theme.  so off i go. oh yeah no more posts here. sorry that’s the price of progress!



ps – see you on the flip side

ok now that the world series is over it’s back to work!  tonight the rocknh site will be updated.  the bulletin board will still be there just in the background.  this will provide us with a bit more control and an easier way to get current news to our user base.

then my site is next!  as well as my cousins.  progress has been made on both. so that’s good.  plus my work project is going well.  i am moving forward – just slow right now.

i am in the middle adding some pictures to the work site.  just trying to align stuff.  takes a while to get it right.

oh and i have downloaded the wordpress program and i will be moving this blog over to my site soon. same content new location!


ok i have what my brother penned a baseball hangover this morning. not that i had a single drink – just the late night and high emotion. nothing like coming back from a 3-1 series to win it. now on to the world series. i fear another week or so of late nights and tough mornings. but if the sox win the world series then it will be worth it.

i showed my website design to my boss, finally. he like it. he also liked the new logo.  i have a few changes to make – like a splash page.  we need that because we have two sides of our business and we need to keep them seperate, securities and exchange commission rules.  anyway the re-worlk is going well.  i have refined the logo and i actually designed a logo for both sides of the business.  so that is going well.

on my freelance side stuff is slow.  almost done with one and i have at least two others to work on. no money yet – but i am at least getting a portfolio down.

more news to follow.

go sox!



life has gone all sorts of crazy lately.  it just seems that i have to fight just to get time to do some freelance work.  free being the operative word there.  anyway our celiac support group website is taking longer than expected.  but it will look good when all is said and done.

i am starting a re-design of another site. one that i may make a little money at.  we shall see.  besides re-designing the site, new logo, new colors and new copy.  we will see how my writing skills are.  luckily i have a friend (you know who you are cheryl) who can at least look it over and let me know if it sounds ok and is in goodly engrich.  (yes yes i know pun is intended!)

so that is where things sit as of now.  i just would like to spend more time during the day to do this stuff but alas i have a day time gig that i requires my attention.  plus i do not want to risk my job working on another one.  it is bad enough that i blog from here every once in a while.



nod of approval


well i showed the redesigned web site to the bossman’s wife, and she liked it.  now this may not sound like a big deal but she is president of one of our two businesses so she does have some say!  she really liked it and wants me to show it to the bossman.  so i tried to show him this morning but he had to head up to the lake to take care of his boats.  it’s time to pull them out of the water up here in new hampshire.  so either tomorrow or friday we will sit down and go over what i have done.

everyone seems to like it, looks much more updated. plus with the new logo, it just looks better.  i am not sure about the copy though.  it is from an old brochure so i am not so sure about the content.  that as well seems….dated.  we may need to update that a bit as well.  plus if we decide to put pictures on the site i’ll have to work those into the flow as well.

i feel that this is an excellent learning experience. i get some exposure to the whole process, so when i get out on my own i’ll have some idea of what to expect.  just a good chance to learn. looking back it has only been a little over a month and i have learned a lot in that time.  i want to keep up the pace. next up is my site.